The Curotec vibration management systems allows the employer to collect accurate data in relation to vibration exposure for each member of their workforce, on a daily basis. Once this data is quantified it can be extrapolated and used to predict trends of use, identify the need for tool maintenance and employ preventative actions to be taken in order to protect their employees more effectively.


The Curo is a simple, effective piece of PPE for Vibration. Each personalised Curo will record its operators trigger time exposure to vibration. The traffic light system advises the user of their exposure threshold, when the red light illuminates it warns the operator that they have reached their maximum daily vibration limit.


The Curo Plus offers a more comprehensive system with all the information of the Curo, in addition to a meticulous analysis of tool usage and points per tool, per day. The RFID technology used by the Curo Plus also allows for additional functionality such as the ability to store asset/serial numbers and communicate the tool make and model into the data download.



Open Forum to discuss the legally compliant measurement of vibration and the possible consequences of non-compliance.

On the 23rd of March Curotec Team Ltd were pleased to host an open forum to discuss the legally compliant measurement of vibration and the possible consequences of non-compliance at the NEC Health and Event in Birmingham. The discussion was chaired by Simon Bull from ‘The Castle Group Ltd’ a company specialising in equipment and30

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Cast Metals Federation

Cast Metals Federation

Curotec Team were delighted to be invited to speak at the Cast Metals Federation’s latest health and safety meeting on the 4th November. Stewart McNaughton, a health and safety consultant working with Curotec, gave a riveting speech highlighting the dangers of workplace vibration exposure, drawing upon his 25 years of experience within the safety community30

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Curotec Team limited are proud to announce that we are now a certified as a registered supplier with Achilles for PPE, Track Warning Safety Equipment and Power Tools. Please see the Achilles website for more information, find a direct link to their website on our links page.

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Cats Protection protected against HAVS with the Curotec System

Following an introduction to Cats Protection at this year’s Safety and Health Expo we are pleased that Cats Protection are now happily using the Curotec Vibration Management to monitor their vibration exposure.

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Curotec Health and Safety Consultant to speak at Skanska Safety talk

Our Curotec Health and Safety Consultant, Stewart McNaughton has been invited to speak on HAVS and the Curotec System at the Skanska safety meeting.

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Curotec Expands Sales Team

An ever expanding business bring with it an ever expanding Curotec team, Curotec welcomes on board an in-house sales team. The sales team will support the field team, furthering the service provided to existing clients as well as managing the demand for the Curotec system and driving new business development.

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What Our Client Say

The Curo meter has been well received within the Norfolk County Council Highways Team – both by Operatives and Supervisors – due to its simplicity and ease of use. Our commitment to our Operatives’ Health and Safety and the monitoring of their daily exposure to Hand Arm Vibration has been greatly assisted through the purchase of this product, while providing Management with a cost effective package.

Steve Wellings

( Works Support Technician - Norfolk County Council )

We were looking for a solution to monitor Hand Arm Vibration issues and after a demonstration decided to purchase the Curotec system which we have found to be simple to use but which provides monitoring usage clearly and providing just the right data for analysis.

Richard Whitehead

( Assurance Director - Collis Engineering Ltd (Part of the Signal House Group) )

As suppliers of the Curotec management system. We are delighted to introduce this to our customers. The Curo is brilliant because it doesn't need charging for the duration of the Curo and you the customer doesn't need to download the data every night because it can store up to 30 days on it. The training is very insightful and easy to understand. When measuring trigger times it is excellent because the customer doesn't have to carry out any paperwork and guess the trigger time because it is all stored on the Curo and downloaded onto the software as live trigger times. We would recommend this product to all our customers.

Matthew Gollop

( Area Sales Manager - AP Tools )

Following our recent trial of the Curotec system, Buckingham group have decided to roll out the Curotec system nationwide.

James Jones

( Rail Supervisor )

Our Distribution Partners:

Curotec Team Ltd are vibration management specialists, with a team of trained Health and Safety Consultants, Technical Installation Managers and Support Advisors aiding business’s to comply with the ‘Control of vibration at work regulations (2005)’.