What is the Curo?

The Curo is a piece of personal protective equipment designed to record trigger time vibration in order to protect the operator from over exposure to hand arm and whole body vibration and therefore the various illness associated with vibration.

The Curo itself is a small, durable device that can be attached to power tools and other vibrating equipment. In order to advise the operator that they are working at a safe level of vibration exposure, the Curo is fitted with an illuminated traffic light system. When the lights flash red, this is an indicator that the operator have reached their daily exposure limit.


Features :

  • Date of use
  • Exposure Mode: ELV/ EAV
  • User ID
  • Days Active
  • Current Points
  • 30 Days of data
  • Traffic light coordination:


Green: Below exposure action value – EAV

Orange: Reached exposure action value – EAV

Red: Exceeded exposure limit value – ELV


Curotec Data File Viewer

Curotec Data File Viewer

Curotec Team Ltd are vibration management specialists, with a team of trained Health and Safety Consultants, Technical Installation Managers and Support Advisors aiding business’s to comply with the ‘Control of vibration at work regulations (2005)’.