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Expanding the Team at Curotec

Curotec Team Ltd, the world’s only manufacturer of Hand Arm and Whole Body Vibration Management Aids are delighted to announce the appointment of Joanne Lelliott as our Customer Service Manager.

 Joanne joins us from an academic background and brings a commitment to continue to maintain our unparalleled approach to customer satisfaction and Compliant Hand Arm and Whole Body Vibration Management Services in accordance with The Control of Vibration at Work Regulations 2005 and current HSE Guidance.

 Commenting on Joanne’s appointment, Russell Lobb, General Manager of Curotec Team said “We are delighted to welcome Joanne to our rapidly expanding team and feel her role of Customer Service Manager to be essential in maintaining our current service levels to both existing and new clients and our rapidly expanding International Distribution Partners.”

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Curotec goes Global!!


Curotec goes Global – bringing the World’s only Hand Arm and Whole Body Vibration Management Product to South East Asia

September 2017 sees the Curo Hand Arm and Whole Body Vibration Management Aid launching to the South East Asian Market at the 20th Conference and Exhibition on Occupational Safety and Health on 18th – 19th September at PICC, Putrajaya, Malaysia


Commenting on the launch, Russell Lobb, General Manager of Curotec said “We are delighted to welcome Enovate as we build our Global Network of Partners and we look forward to working closely with Kim Kek Seong and his team. As the manufacturer of the World’s only Hand Arm and Whole Body Vibration Management Device, Curotec will be launching Curo in other market regions as the next stage of our international development. We are delighted that Curo’s reputation is growing internationally and that professional distributors are actively seeking to join and share in the success of our product”


Curotec is committed to offering only fully legally compliant management devices and we believe passionately in our approach of fully adhering to the legal requirements of 2002/44/EC, The Control of Vibration at work Regulations 2005 requiring the measurement of vibration to be taken  on the tool as required by ISO 5349-2001 Parts 1 and 2, and is in accordance with Current HSE Guidance. We do not see compliance is possible by measuring this on the hand or wrist.


HM HSE Current Guidance “There is currently no wrist or glove mounted device that measures vibration suitable for use in vibration exposure monitoring” (source – HSE Website “8 Questions About Vibration Monitoring” )

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Managing HAVS is not enough


The Control of Vibration Regulations call for the effective management of both Hand Arm AND Whole Body Vibration in the workplace

The commonly adopted approach to managing HAVS but ignoring Whole Body vibration does not protect an employer from the potential of prosecution much as in the same way as insuring your car but not having an MOT does not protect you from prosecution by the police.

 Complying with half the law is not complying with the law

Whilst the effects of Hand Arm Vibration are commonly understood Whole Body Vibration remains something of a mystery and is often considered to cause a “bad back”

Yes, Whole Body Vibration can cause back pain.

But it can also cause:

  • Reproductive Organ Damage
  • Heart Conditions
  • Fatigue
  • Motion Sickness
  • Respiratory Conditions
  • Digestive Conditions
  • Bone Damage.
  • Whole body Vibration should not be ignored

 As the most experienced team in Vibration Management and Consultancy Curotec Team can explain, assist, measure and aid our clients with not only Hand Arm but Whole Body Vibration and The Curo is the world s only Hand Arm and Whole Body Vibration Management Aid

 For effective advice and assistance on compliant Hand Arm and Whole Body Vibration contact the world s only manufacturer of a vibration management aid that deals with both


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Do hand arm vibration measurements need to be taken on the tool …………YES!



Uncertainty seems to exist, in most part fuelled by some recently launched products claiming to offer a “magic wand” type solution to Hand Arm Vibration Measurement regarding the legally compliant vibration exposure monitoring.

Newly created HSE Guidance entitled “Questions about Vibration Exposure Monitoring” asks one simple question.

 Do Hand Arm Vibration Measurements need to be taken “on the tool”


Hand Arm Vibration Measurements should be made with the tranducer (accelerometer ) firmly attached to the vibrating surface.

 It goes on to state “There is currently no wrist or glove mounted device which measures vibration suitable for use in a vibration risk assessment”

 This is not new information and The Control of Vibration at work Regulations 2005 clearly state that vibration measurement must take place in accordance with ISO 5349 2001 Parts 1 &2

Curotec Team pride ourselves in promoting the worlds only Hand Arm and whole Body Vibration aid in strict compliance with The current Guidance and Legislation and our clients can be completely assured that our approach to eliminating the risk or reducing it to the lowest possible levels will always come ahead of simply selling a non compliant “magic wand “ type product.

For further guidance on the legally complaint management of Hand Arm and Whole Body vibration management contact Curotec for a no obligation initial consultation and discussion

Managing Hand Arm Vibration and ignoring Whole Body Vibration is not complying with the Law!

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Curotec are recruiting

20170621_145802 (002)Join the team!

As part of our rapid expansion plan Curotec Team are now seeking new members of our rapidly expanding team. Opportunities exist both based at our HQ facilities in Hungerford and External Sales positions also.

We are currently seeking:

  • Sales Office Assistant Manager
  • Installations and After Sales Manager
  • Northern Area Sales Manager
  • Northern Area Installation Engineer
  • Export Business Development Manager

These are all opportunities to join a committed and energetic team and applications are welcome from any background as full training and support will be offered from the most experienced team in the Vibration Market today.

We are enjoying rapid growth as a business funded by our own success rather than external development and so for an opportunity to join the Manufacturer of the world s only Whole Body and Hand Arm Vibration contact Russell Lobb in confidence on

Curotec Team Ltd are vibration management specialists, with a team of trained Health and Safety Consultants, Technical Installation Managers and Support Advisors aiding business’s to comply with the ‘Control of vibration at work regulations (2005)’.