Each Curo/ Plus device can be programmed with an individual’s personal details and their exposure thresholds, in order to correctly identify whose data has been recorded. In addition each Curo/Plus can be identified by a unique serial number found on underside exterior of the device.

The device can store 30 days’ worth of data and after that period it will automatically overwrite old data in order to store more recent data. It is therefore advisable to download data at least every 30 days in order to avoid loss of data.

Yes, if an operative no longer requires the use of the device, simply reprogram the details of another operative. However even after reactivation the previous user’s data will still be visible, we therefore recommend that re-allocation of the device takes place after the 30 days of stored data is overwritten.

30 days’ worth of exposure data is collected by the Curo, the downloaded data will provide details of date of use, day’s active and points accrued. For further details on the Curo please refer to the Curo page of the website.

In addition to the functions offered on the Curo the Curo Plus provided details of the operators tool usage, points per tool per day and the length of time the operator used each tool. For further details on the Curo Plus please refer to the Curo Plus page of the website.

Although warranted for 1yr, experience in the field indicates that the average battery life of a Curo or Curo Plus is 16-18 months.

The 16-18 month battery life of the Curo and Curo plus makes the need for recharging obsolete.

The Curo will always store 30 days’ worth of data; if you forgot to download your data at least once every 30 days, the Curo will automatically wipe clean one days data at a time, allowing for new data to be stored.

Curotec Team Ltd offers 12 months Warranty on all Curo and Curo Plus devices.

All data collected can be downloaded in a tamper proof format (Curo file). In addition it can then be exported to a spreadsheet csv format to allow for reporting, trend prediction and other comparative purposes.

When you purchase the Curo programmer, the software comes free. There are no additional costs associated with the software for licensing. Once you have purchased the Curotec system, the same software can be used on any number of computers.

Yes, comprehensive training on HAVS, the use of the Curo, and the Curotec system will be provided for all relevant parties by IOSH accredited members of the Curotec Team.

An IOSH accredited member of the team will provide training on: - HAVS - Vibration exposure - The need for the Curo - The use of the Curo - The Curotec system - Data collection - Data download and analysis

An average training session takes around 40 minutes, followed by a question and answer session. Training time can vary depending in the size of the party.

Training and installation are included within your initial investment to the Curotec System. However you can purchase additional training if required. Prices for additional training can be discussed with your account manager or directly with the office team.

If you feel that your teams would benefit from extra training this can be arranged to your specification at an additional cost per day.

Our team of skilled technical installation and training Managers will provide support before, during and after installation. You will also have direct contact details for your account manager. In addition, you can contact the office directly and they will arrange further support. For details of how to get in contact please refer to our contact page.

The general lead time for the Curotec System is 6 weeks, however we continuously have stock in the supply chain and will therefore aim to support you in under 3 weeks.

RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification, this simply means that the communication is made without physical contact, via a radio frequency. The Curo Plus will be RFID, unlike the Curo which communicates via pinned contact.

Currently our software is not cloud based, however this is an area we will be looking into in the future. For more information on future developments please speak with your account manager or contact the office directly. Contact details can be found on the Contact Us page.

Curotec Team Ltd are vibration management specialists, with a team of trained Health and Safety Consultants, Technical Installation Managers and Support Advisors aiding business’s to comply with the ‘Control of vibration at work regulations (2005)’.