Installation Guide



Educating the operatives and any other relevant parties in the threat associated with HAVS
It is important that the operatives understand the need for the Curo to be used daily, as a piece of PPE. We believe that educating them in the threat of HAVS and the risk to their health will provide a more invested interest in protecting themselves against HAVS.

Training operative in the use of the Curo
The Curo is a highly effective piece of PPE when used correctly, in order to ensure that this happens, a Curotec Team Training and Installation Manager will provide comprehensive, hands on training in the use of the Curo to all operatives. The Curo will be demonstrated to the operatives, following this they will be given the opportunity to try the product themselves and ask any questions they may have.

Training management in data collecting and analysis abilities of software
In addition to training the operatives, the management team responsibly for recovering the data collected by the Curo must also be training in not only the use of the Curo but also how to program and download.  This will also be completed by a Curotec Training and Installations Manager.

Installation of Curotec monitoring equipment
Prior to installation you will be provided with a Tool Data sheet to complete which will detail all the power tools you have that require a holster and their magnitude level. We kindly ask you to complete this document for ease of installation.

 This will include:

  • Programming of all Curo’s
  • Programming of all holsters
  • Attachment of all holsters to tools


Curotec Team Ltd are vibration management specialists, with a team of trained Health and Safety Consultants, Technical Installation Managers and Support Advisors aiding business’s to comply with the ‘Control of vibration at work regulations (2005)’.